Karizma Classic Software 4 DVD Set with Templates


About Karizma Classic

KARIZMA Classic Software, a Fast and user-friendly Digital Album Creation Tool, which helps you to create designer albums for your premium customers who demand the world… & this is the time you give them the best of it. KARIZMA Designer is a complete and stand-alone software, neither requiring third party tools nor any artistic skills for creating impressive album pages within minutes. Are you interested in capturing the beauty of a wedding, fun of a family vacation, Birthday Party, or any other occasion and to preserve these precious memories in a digital way, KARIZMA Designer gives you incomparable tools... all guaranteed to help you produce exclusive and stylish photo albums which will be cherished for a lifetime. KARIZMA Designer helps you increase productivity and make big profits because of its ease of operation and the numerous templates, decors and Various tools it is bundled with.


Easy To Use & Learn
KARIZMA Designer offers an extremely user friendly and well organized Interface, keeping in mind your designing requirements. Designing a winning album page is as simple as selecting the proper template, using the right photos, choosing the right décor, and print.

Stand alone software
KARIZMA Designer is Stand-Alone software for which you do not need any third party tool for designing state of art album pages.

Thumbnail Preview
KARIZMA Designer offers a Thumbnail view of Templates, photos, favorites, created pages and pages during export and import.

Drag and Drop
Photos can also be pasted on the template pages by a simple drag and drop method.

All the pages created in KARIZMA Designer are saved automatically, the moment you move on to the next page.

Hot Keys
Hot keys provided allow you quick access to almost all the major features of KARIZMA Designer.

Multiple Page View
The created album pages can be viewed in multiple ways for a better control on the design. You can choose from Normal view, Fit to Page, Full Screen and actual pixel. You can also get a unique Twin Page view to view two pages at a time.

Auto Layer Creation
KARIZMA Designer creates layers automatically whenever a new object is pasted on the Pages. These layers are automatically selected whenever that object is selected.

Smaller Project Size
The projects created in KARIZMA Designer are of smaller compared to other digital imaging software.

Auto Resizing
KARIZMA Designer has a unique feature that would automatically resize the selected template page to fit itself in the project page size defined by you without affecting the look and feel. Any Borders and Masks applied on photos get automatically resized in a similar way.

Re-ordering of projects in story board
KARIZMA Designer gives you a unique story board which displays thumbnail image of the template pages that you have created for a project, this story board gives you a clear idea about the templates design already used in the project and also helps maintaining the story line of the Album.


Templates made with the Software :

Many more Templates .. CLICK HERE


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New Karizma Classic Software is same as Karizma Designer 3.0 It supports all Karizma Templates. Now you can Print and Export in any format like jpeg, tiff, targa etc. Bundled with more than 7500 Ready-to-use templates. In just 2 hours you can design complete 25 page album in any size.


Now Karizma Classic with Templates is your's just for Rs. 2500/-


User Interface

ScreenShot #1 Default Mode

ScreenShot #2 Maximize Gallery

ScreenShot #3 FullScreen Gallery

ScreenShot #4 Karizma Edit Mode


For Further details :

Email me with your Contact Details.

Email on: karizma.classic@yahoo.com

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